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Our Purpose


Creating a Community of Care

Culturally Safe & Equitable Spaces for Youth

Accessible Organizations

Our Values

  • Decolonization 
  • Equity & Inclusivity
  • Respect // ldakát át áwé at yáa awooné a jeex̱ tootee
  • Honoring Generations
  • Vulnerability
  • Lifting each other up // dikéede wooch gax̱toolsháat
  • Healing & Accountability 
  • Intentionality
  • Courage // i gu.aa yáx̱ xʼwán
  • Transformation 

Mission & Vision

We envision a socially just community in a reciprocal, healthy relationship with the land and with each other. Guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, we reckon with injustice and commit to healing and liberation, while honoring our interdependence. Together, we are imagining and creating a community free from violence.

Theory of Change

No tree grows alone, independent of a larger forest. We honor our interconnectedness and understand that all of the work we do involves transformation and change from the inside out, beginning with ourselves. While on this journey, we have identified that our collective work spans across these areas as outlined below:

Healing and Transformation

Doing inner work is necessary to do the outer work. We will prioritize our own healing, wellness, and full expression of our authentic selves. We start here.

Centering Relationships, Working Across Generations

Building community connectedness and a community of care through the coalition. We will create intentional spaces of belonging that are intergenerational, inclusive, and regenerative to sustain and support each and every one of us.

Learning and Unlearning

We will commit to an ongoing journey of self-discovery and practice within areas that inspire, nourish, and challenge what we already know. We also recognize the work is beyond simply shifting our moral consciousness and needs to be oriented towards action.

Remembering the Past to Build a Collective Future

Changing systems of oppression through legal, policy, & institutional advocacy. We will look to our ancestors and those most impacted by violence to build a future for all.